-Handcrafted, Not Just Hand Peeled-
-Large Diameter Full Round Logs With Real Character-
-Not the mass produced "factory look"-
-Full Length Logs- No mid-wall splices-
-Custom Designed to Your Lifestyle-
-Full design and blueprint service-
-Full Scribe or Chink Style-
-Complete Homes, Shells, or Log Work Only-
-Delivery and Set-up Included-

In this examle note the log porch rafters
and the allowance for settling at the top of the porch post.

Scrimersher House, New Meadows, Idaho

Schaffer House, New Meadows, Idaho

Frye Home, New Meadows, Idaho

May House, Pittsburg Saddle, Idaho

Hawes House, McCall, Idaho

These homes and many others, both chink-style and swedish cope,
can be viewed in the McCall, Idaho area.

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